Item C618-07

Feya Volcanic Pendant Light

An elegant statement of eye-catching, architectural design, featuring a volcanic look with a seamless array of light. In modern spaces, the Feya Volcanic Pendant Light adds other-wordly style.

It was designed as a ostentatious piece that would grab the attention of anyone who walked into the room - and the result is so tasteful that it is able to enhance many different kinds of interior styles while providing ample lighting for the space.


  • A great modern piece for a master bedroom, living room or dining room
  • Lighting coverage (3-5 square meters)
  • Made from high quality Glass Stone
  • Brushed Nickel Finish
  • Knob Switch Type
  • 40cm Diameter 
  • Pendant Light
  • Cord Pendant Installation
  • 90-260V
  • 3-5 Square Meters of Lighting
  • Made from Glass Stone
  • Size: 40 cm Diameter

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