Item C649-02

Ventour Modern Spiral Light

An elegant statement of minimalistic, architectural design, featuring a spiral structure with a seamless array of light. In modern spaces, the Ventour Modern Spiral Light adds other-wordly style. Its design gives the impression of an almost impossible shape, with soft-sided aluminum sides spiraling with each other.

It was designed as an ostentatious piece that would grab the attention of anyone who walked into the room - and the result is so tasteful that it is able to enhance many different kinds of interior styles while providing ample lighting for the space.

This Modern Spiral Light's body comes with several customization options to suit your taste and interior. Choose from a gold, black or white body finishing color, along with either a warm or cool white emitting color.


  • A great modern piece for a master bedroom, living room or dining room. 
  • Easy and standard setup
  • 15 square meters of lighting ensure large coverage
  • Made from high quality Acrylic and Iron finishing
  • Eye catching size at 70 cm by 50 cm



  • Pendant Light

  • AC Power Source

  • 90-260V

  • 0-15 square meters of lighting

  • Iron finishing

  • LED light source

  • 70cm x 50cm

  • 1.2m wire length

    Emitting Light Color
    Cool White
    Warm White
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