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February 21, 2020 2 min read

As we live, we naturally store more and more things. Disorderly accumulation of objects is not only a visual disaster, but also the inconvenience and pain of forgetful people asking “where is the thing”.

For compact small units, it is particularly important to “squeeze space and store items properly”. So, how to make the mini space not only meet the needs of life, but also appear clean, fresh and pleasing to the eyes?

1.Sort Things Out

Getting rid of things that are not longer needed is a lesson we all should learn. Then sort out the things you want to keep and put them in different cabinets. Items you that may have a lot of should have their own cabinets, like dresses, shoes, wine, etc. For piecemeal items, storage drawer and small labels may be needed.

2.Ask for Space from the Wall

As long as the wall storage is properly used, it can not only save space, but also bring visual beauty. Wall cabinet or partition can be designed flexibly according to actual needs. Because of the limited area, it is suitable for small objects. In addition, wall storage can’t be overdone to avoid looking crowded.

3.Multifunctional Furniture

No matter how small your house is, furniture is indispensable. Since it is so, why don’t you choose furniture with storage functions according to the spatial layout? If you bring a drawer in your bed, remember to use it. This is the perfect place for the off-season quilt and clothing.    This can also be sued in stools. Besides, I recommend white furniture, which can effectively make up for the space tension and cramp of small houses, and effectively extend the visual range.

4.Loft Bed for Double-layer Space

In the traditional household life, “bed”, as the main body of the bedroom, often occupies a third of the area. In that case, there are few places to decorate for small houses. But with the change of people’s life concept, the design of elevated bed has become the mainstream of young people’s pursuit at present. These unique and ingenious elevated beds not only allow you to have more space for storage, work and even entertaining friends, but also add a unique temperament to your home. The minimalism, industry and bohemian are no exception, making sleeping more interesting.

Treat every square meter with heart and retain the value of every inch of space.

This is the meaning of home and life.

I hope you all understand this “magic of happiness”.

As you move forward , give yourself a comfortable home.

Quickly start to tidy your house and free up space!


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