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October 28, 2019 2 min read


Three complains simple but overwhelming strong have governed someone’s design concept, why my home decoration cannot compare with others, why I don’t have extra budget to invite professional designer, why I don’t have talent in home design? For your attention, if you ever complained about one of above mentioned questions, my following tips will be catholicon for you.

1. Appropriate Furniture Selection 

Taking a round-the-corner sofa for example, the width of the sofa should not exceed one-half of the living rooms. Otherwise, the living room, which is not large, would be crowded because of the oversized main furniture.  

For a living room less than 20 square meters and width about 5 meters, I suggest that it is a great idea to choose a double sofa that between 1.6m and 1.8m, so that the sofa has 0.5m space on each side for side table and floor lamp. And the living room space will never be too narrow or in a muddle.

2. Focus on Visual Point and Clarify the Space Function

In this picture, the chromospheres are equally distributed, which causes visual disperse that without clear distinction between primary and secondary, strength and weakness, and before and after.

In this picture, the chromospheres are arranged in groups and have clear primary and secondary, so that people can see the relationship clearly. Thereby the space is naturally divided into two parts. 

It tells us that careful coordination is essential in furniture arrangement. Room space should be separated from the primary and secondary, so that the furniture can be better utilized and the different functional areas of the space can be found.

In the picture, the sofa, the carpet, the tea table, and the pendants on the wall behind the sofa are well combined into whole, with the carpet as the visual integration, and naturally arranged several pieces of furniture.

3. Increase Room Space Through Proper Color Assortment

Believe it or not, the fixed area can actually increase the space visually through adjust the color assortment. With effective color matching, we can make the original ten-square-meter living room look like 30 square meters!


First of all, we should avoid warm colors and any “expanded” colors, such as red, yellow, in a small apartment. But you can use a partial embellishment method, such as a sofa pillow, a few sides, ornaments, and so on.

Second, in one particular space, does not use exceed 5 colors. Otherwise, it will cause visual confusion and no sense of rules. For the main furniture, we can choose cool colors, such as blue, which has a shrinking effect that makes the space look more spacious.

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