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November 25, 2019 2 min read

A cool dressing room is a dream of every girl and many men, too! Room to put outfits together, storage galore, a full-length mirror to try it all on in front of—what could be better? Follow our guide to creating a dressing room and enjoy a stylish private space.

1. Confirm your storage needs first
Assess your clothing storage needs and preferences before starting to design your dressing room. Make sure the partition of all storage spaces are practical to your future needs, including the clothes, shoe storage, handbags, swimwear and accessories, and don’t forget makeup storage and jewelry storage, too. Ask yourself whether you like to hang or fold the majority of your garments. How much rail, drawer and shelf space will you need? Once you make everything clear, your storage space can get organized and neat in your further use.
2. Arrange seating and dressing table smartly
Think about where you want to position seating and table and how they will fit into the space. Be sure to leave enough room to get dressed comfortably after all your dressing room fixtures are in place. You’ll need a place to sit; somewhere to try on shoes, sort out socks or simply relax. A chair or ottoman in your dressing room is useful for getting dressed, putting on shoes or placing any other items you need to take with you. If your house is not too large, you may want to position a dressing table in your dressing room so that it can be changed into a makeup room immediately.
3. Make a practical lighting scheme
Style your dressing room is not possible without proper lighting. The smaller the space-the ‘louder’ the light! If sunlight cannot fall into your room, you need more light and clearance to expose all those gorgeous clothes you have. Hanging fixtures, such as chandeliers, instantly make a space feel special and luxurious, while task lighting around a vanity mirror will offer direct light for grooming and makeup application.
4. Create your own private haven
A dressing room is much more than just a clothing storage area. It’s a dedicated space to be your own little haven to enjoy its privacy and comfort as you ruminate about your wardrobe options, put on makeup, unwind after a long day, or get dressed. Get ready each morning and store your personal belongings is a luxury that will help to make starting each day a pleasure rather than a stressful rush.

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