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October 06, 2019 2 min read

The ceramics today are more than a coating, and allow harmonizing spaces. Room decorator broke down the main trends.


A few decades ago, the installation of ceramics was reduced to the ground in order to have a firm and resistant material to step on. Over time, this was mutating and today it is not uncommon to see that some palms are applied on walls, especially in spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, with the aim of giving an aesthetic touch.

A lot of room decorators and construction masters have been inspired by the beauty and multiplicity of designs that ceramics provide to enchular spaces. Novelties in designs, such as vintage reproductions, imitations of stone or concrete, and even some pieces with 3D reliefs have become a reality within contemporary home environments.

Another of the main trends in decoration based on ceramics has to do with the combination of colors and themes. This was explained by Kinsley Moore, room decorator of the Estelar order and decoration service, who broke down everything that is taking her this 2019 in ceramic installation.

“Daring to mix modernizes the environments and fills the spaces with life. The combination remains light colors on walls and on the floor predominantly gray concrete and wood. The installation can be the way we want: spiral, carpet type, vertical, horizontal, diagonal. The most important thing is to follow the manufacturer's instructions. ”

He added that “many walls have become 3D with entertaining geometric reliefs, which are perfect in kitchen and bathroom walls, since they look warm and modern, especially in smooth and matt versions, while the recommendation on the floor is always to choose them non-slip , high traffic and colors that will not tire you ”.

Although the combination of colors, themes and materials in the use of ceramics as decoration elements give a modern touch, Ladrón de Guevara recommended using a single tone for those who wish to project a more spacious place. "For those who want to project a larger, clear and tidy house, I suggest choosing a single floor design for the whole house, because it generates greater sense of breadth, order and elegance."

As for the latest fashions, “the trend is still vintage. The mid-century style, type 60s, and the Scandinavian. Houses and apartments are getting smaller, and this type of decoration promotes functionality, comfort, economy and warmth, ”he closed.

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