October 28, 2020 3 min read

Halloween night is one of the most anticipated celebrations, Pumpkins, candles, mummies and skeletons abound in bars, restaurants and also in many homes that add to the fashion of decorating the house. In fact, many families celebrate this holiday, which is usually also one of the children's favorites, so you have to be prepared. Here we bring you 7 tips to give the best Halloween party at home, and do you know the best? Many of them at very low cost!

1. Prepare the atmosphere for your guests

The arrival of your guests is a key moment for them to start getting into the mood, so start creating a Halloween party atmosphere from the entrance. You can choose to decorate the front door with skeletons or demonic witches, but if you want something less scary but with a nod to Halloween, feel free to decorate with pumpkins. Buy a few of different sizes and shades and put them around the stairs or next to the front door. You will see how your guests will be wanting to enter your house.

2. A scary hall

Pumpkins are the key element for decorating a Halloween party, but bats are another option. This little corner that your guests will find entering your home, they will surely love it, and the best thing is that you can do it yourself and with a very low budget. Some paper bats that you can cut out and stick yourself in the hall of the house, and some garlands that you can make yourself with messages such as: "Trick or treat".

3. Turn your living room into the setting of a horror movie

We can decorate a party as much as we want. That is, we can put small details or decorative winks or bet on having a themed party, but make no mistake. The result of betting on such a decoration will leave your guests "dead", and they will leave your house speechless. Pumpkins, balloons, garlands, skeletons that appear in the corners or bats that hang from the ceiling, will make that night the most terrifying and fun of evenings.

4. Choose a good costume

At a Halloween party you cannot miss the costume. There is so much variety that you can choose to dress up as you want: witch, mummy, skeleton or undead, but you can also opt for the latest trends and be more original. If the party admits children, let them dress up too. The important thing on Halloween night is to have a great time.

5. Don't forget those special guests

Be original. Anything goes on Halloween. Your guests will be eager to be surprised, so why not prepare this original table with a scary guest? Prepare a small thematic space where originality prevails, place a life-size skeleton and fill the table with cobwebs and skulls. Do you think any of your guests will dare to sit at the table next to him?

6. Decorate the table for the best party

Food shaped like bats, pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate tarts with vampire blood cherries. A good Halloween party must have a fun and original menu, where pumpkin and chocolate are the star ingredients. Don't forget to decorate the table with ghosts, spiders, and garlands. Play with your imagination and make your table as fun as you want.

7. A pumpkin-based menu

You can also take advantage and try recipes with pumpkin as the basis for all of them. In cakes, cakes and tarts or in savory snacks. Surprise your guests with the tastiest appetizers and dishes imaginable: baked pumpkin with cinnamon, pumpkin fritters, baked pumpkin, pumpkin with gratin cheese. Do you have any more recipes to share?

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