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November 22, 2019 2 min read

Carving out a reading nook and then reading a good book is the most pleasant thing after a day’s tiring work day. You don’t need a full-on library; you literally just need a corner for not only reading, but listening to music, creative expression, or simply to relax in a pleasant intimate part of the house. A reading nook can easily become your favorite space in the whole home and you’ll never want to leave it. But how to create a super cozy space? Here are some tips.

1. Build your nook with plenty of light

Since this is a reading nook, it would be preferable to have natural lighting because it’s better for the eyes. This glorious corner with its cushioned window bench and enough throw pillows is the very best place to curl up with a book, or just gaze out the window at the trees and the sunny yard. Besides, there are lots of storage shelving where books can be stowed in order.

2. Suitable furniture is important

A complete reading nook setup needs a cozy chair or lounger, a great side table, a bookshelf and even an ottoman. Since a reading nook is usually a small space, multifunctional furniture is a very practical option. There are plenty of combos to consider such as benches with storage underneath, tables with bookshelves or even special reading chairs with built-in storage.

3. Make sure it’s comfortable

The key point that makes a reading nook nice and inviting is comfort. To create a perfect reading nook it needs to have soft textures and pleasant colors into the design. Any accessories you like and that fit the style will do! Cozy up your nook as much as possible and enjoy spending time there. You can add some pillows for extra comfort and you should always have a blanket nearby in case you get cold.

4. Choose soft colors

For a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, choose sort, non-distracting colors for your reading nook. Soft blues, whites, light greens and other soft hues can promote tranquility. Shades such as red or orange are not the best choice if you want a relaxing mood. Opt for serene color palettes that aid in your efforts of forgetting daily stresses.

5. Add some flowers & greenery

Fresh flowers inspire an immediate lift, and add interest to any and all rooms. Your flower arrangements should tie in with your reading nook decor, not compete with it. There is no need for large, ornate vases of flowers if your room styling is chic and simple. Sometimes even the most simple flower arrangements can make a huge difference.  
Creating such a cozy reading nook is not a difficult task. A private little sanctuary for reading brings calming and pleasant atmosphere into homes. Adding a nice reading area to any interior, beautify home design and decor, and encourage to take time for ourselves.

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