April 23, 2021 2 min read

Inspirational Hallway Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to design, but no longer. Just as in any other space in a home, getting the hallway lighting right is the finishing touch for a beautiful design. There are three types of lighting to think about when lighting a hallway: ambient, task, and accent.

If this seems like a lot of light for what is often considered a space used for moving from one space to another, here’s why. First, consider ambient lighting, which sheds light throughout the space. If the hallway is larger, it may have a bench or desk that needs task lighting. And lastly, there’s accent lighting to highlight artwork or create a decorative effect that adds interest to the hallway.

Whether you want something bold and dramatic or simple and elegant, these inspirational hallway lighting ideas can brighten up what may be the most neglected space in a home.

Make the Hallway Special

“Hallway lighting not only provides interest but also an engaging transition from one space to another,” according to Tiffany Skilling @tiffanyskillinginteriors “…oversized lighting, enhanced with architectural elements and beautiful, rich finishes such as the Hicks Large Pendant by Visual Comfort shown below, make the best selection for a hallway. Pair gorgeous lighting with timeless millwork and original art, and you have a statement!”

Add Different Light Sources to Serve Different Purposes

When lighting a hallway, it’s crucial to think about the atmosphere to be created. “How will this space be better with lighting? Could it be the subtle nod of a flush mount? The impact of repetition?” asks @ourfrenchmodernhome “Hallways are highly functional spaces, you don’t want anything hanging too low – consider a flush mount with lower ceiling heights.”

Make a Statement with Pendant Lighting

Let the hallway lighting do the talking with a clean, simple design that pleases the eye. A pair of pendants ups the style while enhancing the space without overpowering it. The pendants blend effortlessly, working well with the high ceiling and wood beams.

Light for a Low-Ceilinged Hallway

When a flush mount isn’t right, and a pendant light just won’t do, try a semi-flush mounted light in the hallway. This type of lighting is slightly suspended, leaving a gap between the ceiling and the light, allowing for an uplit effect while also providing downlight. They add enough punch to the space to give it individual character.

Make an Entrance with Pendant Lights

A hallway is a great place to highlight an entrance with pendant lighting. Hanging a pair always makes a statement, and in this case also draws the eye upward. In a space like this, going bold with large-scale lighting makes a memorable statement.

Save Space with Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are so flexible they can be used in small entryways and hallways to a beautiful effect. They can maximize floor space, making them a good choice for smaller areas. They simply stay out of the way while offering warm light throughout the space.

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